Naruto 489 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoilers (version 1)

Author : Badon
Naruto 489 : The Fate of Kushina

[Mountain scene, lightning is heard in the background]
[Little girl cries]
Kushina: Hurry, we have to get out of this pass before the weather gets worse!

[Large rumbling, rocks begin to fall down the slope towards a small group of what appears to be older people and children]
Kushina: Tajuu Kage bunshin no jutsu!

[50 clones appear between the mountainside and the hooded travelers]
All 51 Kushina’s make the water sign at once: Ascending Whirlpool Wall!

[51 spinning geyers sprout out from the rock face, making a curved shield over the head of all the travelers, the boulders hit the water and are flung overhead and down the cliff]
Kushina: Everyone, get out of here, the rocks are first and the mountain comes next, if you don’t get going we’ll all be crushed!

Unidentified woman: Kushina-sama! If you stay you’ll be crushed!
Kushina: Don’t worry about me, I still have an important task ahead of me, I won’t die here!
Little girl: Kushina-sama!!!
Kushina: We’ll meet again! I won’t break my word!
[The little girl is pulled away by the others and we see a hidden grass headband on one of the travelers, though they’re too old to be an active ninja, the next frame has a huge landslide overwhelming the wall of water]

[Scene cuts to Naruto shedding a tear and sniffing, he and Kakashi have stopped and put Karin down to hear her story]
Karin: And that was the last time I heard Uzumaki Kushina-sama’s voice… she saved over a hundred lives that day and I haven’t heard anything about her since… :tears pour down her face:
Kakashi: That does sound just like your mother, Naruto… and more than a little like you, too.
Naruto: Where were you when you that happened!? Kakashi-sensei, when we get back to the village, I would like permission to assemble a search party to locate…

Kakashi: Naruto… I understand how you feel…
Naruto: Sensei, I never had any parents growing up, and I only just found out who my father was after all these years. I need to look for any trace of my mother; I don’t need to ask for your permission, but if I had some people with me, it would go much faster and I’d be at less of a risk of getting in trouble…

Kakashi: Sigh, you’re right. This IS the wife of the 4th hokage we’re talking about. We all thought she died when your father sealed the Kyuubi, but if she lived on, it is just as important to the village that we find her. We’ll talk more when we get back to the village [picks Karin up]

Naruto: So let’s pick up the pace!
[Suigetsu is in a glass tank and Juugo is with him in a cell; lightning flashes out the cell window]
[Juugo is standing by the window and a bird lands on his hand]
Juugo: Kimimaro… I’m sorry; I failed your successor…

Suigetsu: [bubbles out his mouth] Keh, Sasuke sure has become a first class bastard, leading us into that Akatsuki trap and letting us be caught by that Raikage and his friends.

Juugo: I wonder if Karin is alright.
Suigetsu: Fuck Karin, she didn’t help us at all either, for all her sensor abilities she sure didn’t see that Zetsu was going to betray us like that.

Juugo: I don’t think Sasuke and Karin would leave us alone if the situation wasn’t so desperate.
Suigestsu: And whose fault is it that we went into the middle of the kage summit without any backup and immediately had our positions given away? I’m not saying Sasuke planned it, but he let it happen.

Juugo: Hey! There’s something going on out the window!
Suigestsu: Huh? I can’t see anything in this tank, can’t you break those shackles and get me out of here already?

Juugo: It’s the 8tailed beast… he’s talking to himself and carrying something really big… it’s that sword Kisame had!
Suigetsu: [perks up] !! Kisame-senpai, I knew you weren’t meant for samehada, to lose it to the 8tail, what a loser!

Juugo: The 8tail was the one who made your sword break, too…
Suigestsu: Shut up! Break me out of here so I can go get the sword! We’ll break out of here and get back at Akatsuki in no time! C’mon, Juugo, don’t be such a little bitch!

Juugo: [cursed seal starts to spread out] Guh, no… I don’t want to fight anymore! [cursed seal reaches his restraints, then releases]
Suigetsu: What happened? Weren’t you gonna flip out and go ninja and break me out of this?

Juugo: I… I’m not sure? This hasn’t happened before without Kimimaro or Sasuke to calm me down… these bracelets are made out of some chakra repellant material that must be stopping my transformation.

Suigetsu: Fuck! Just break me out then, and I’ll get those off you in no time, then we can go steal the Samehada and get out of here!

Juugo: I’ll let you out of the tank, but I’m not going with you. This is what I’ve always wanted, to be in control without risking my dark side getting out. [Smashes the tank and Suigetsu spills out]

Suigetsu: Suit yourself, good luck explaining how I got out of here. I’ll cut that Zetsu once for you, too.

[Suigetsu escapes through the bars of the cell, Juugo sighs and sits down on the bed]
[Cuts to scene with Bee leaning against a tree with Samehada next to him, he’s snoring]

Kisame: (thinking) God damn that hachibi is annoying, but now that he’s asleep and Samehada has taken most of his chakras, I just have to transform into water and leave the sword so I can take him down and call Madara to take him away… ?!

[Suigetsu begins to materialize up from a nearby stream, sneaking up towards the tree]
[Kisame drips out of Samehada and rematerializes in front of Suigetsu, covering his mouth]

Kisame: [whispering] Don’t make a sound unless you want to get us in deep shit.
Suigetsu: !? [pushes the hand away from his mouth] Kisame… I’m going to take your sword and peace the fuck out. If you want to fight me for it and wake up the hachibi, that’ll be your responsibility.

Kisame: God Damnit, I’m not going to let another punk use my sword! [Fuck! I was too loud, did he wake up!?]

[Bee stirs a little, mutters something like you idiot, you fool, then snores loudly]
Kisame: (thinking) I have to take this chance while I have it and cut off the hachibi’s legs, then I can deal with Suigetsu…

[Suigetsu is standing next to Kisame still but then the next frame Kisame is gone]
Suigetsu: (thinking) Crap, he’s fast! I can’t let him get a grip on the sword!

[Kisame reaches for the sword but leaps back at the last moment as Bee swings it right at his head]
Kisame: Fuck, you were just pretending to sleep!?

Bee: Hah, you little idiot, little fool, I don’t have to be awake to know there’s something about to attack me, that’s what I have my little friend for. [Samehada purrs] Neither do I need to see my enemy to know he’s not who he appears to be.

Kisame: Well now, I can’t let you keep going on thinking that sword belongs to you. You impress me to know that you hadn’t really defeated me, but know that I can’t forgive you stealing my Samehada! [makes handsigns] Seven Swordman Summoning!

[Samehada disappears out of Bee’s hand and appears in Kisame’s]

Kisame: Wow, you sure have collected a lot of chakra from this bijuu, let’s see how he likes a taste of his own medicine!

Hachibi: (internal bee dialogue] You idiot! I warned you about that sword, and now it’s taken too much of our chakra for us to to even try to dodge this, you’ve doomed us both!

[At the last moment, Bee is shoved out of the way and water splashes around him]
Bee: It’s you, the wet towel from the Akatsuki who tried to capture me with that Uchiha! What are you doing!?

Suigetsu: Keh, I can’t let it slide that Kisame would try to fight you before he fights me for the right to wield that sword. Besides, I’m not a part of Akatsuki, I was just hanging around Sasuke because he freed me, but he’s betrayed me just like the rest of those Akatsuki bastards have…

[Suigetsu rematerializes and so do several more Suigetsu from puddles around the tree]
Kisame: Little Suigetsu… I’ll show you how much more you’ve bitten off than you can chew.

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