Naruto 486 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoilers (version 1)

Author : Musica

Naruto 486 : To Save A Friend

*The last scene where both Naruto and Sasuke clashes and gust of wind from the impact reaches Sakura and Kakashi.*

Sakura : *Shouting* Naruto...!! (Please be okay....)
Kakashi : *As Naruto shadow clones puff away and disappear from the impact Kakashi looks emotionless* ( What are you thinking now Naruto.... You have seen how Sasuke is now.....)

*As the smoke clears, Sasuke is standing on one knee with one eye close staring at Naruto while Naruto stands there looking down*

Sasuke : Do you think that was enough to even scratch me?
Naruto : Sasuke.... i have made my choice.... If i can't even save my own friend then i am not fit to be Hokage... I will bring you back even if i have to beat you up....
Sasuke : Hn...!! You talk about being hokage and bringing me back.... What makes you think i will let you.... I will destroy the village and purify the Uchiha's name....!!!!
Naruto : Then you leave me with no choice....*forms hand seal* Kage bunshinn no Jutsu...!!
Sasuke : Pathetic...!!
Sakura : (What are you doing Naruto...what are you thinking....?)

Both of them charges at each other into a Taijutsu battle..... Sasuke grabs Naruto and tries to stab Naruto in his back and then he realises it was a shodow clone and the real Naruto snuck up on Sasuke to give him a blow to the gut. Sasuke lands on one knee....
Sasuke : Ughh!!! (im almost out of chakra.... this is getting more troublesome....)
Naruto : Sasuke...give up now... you are at your limits....

(Karin scene)
Karin : I can sense that your chakra is almost out Sasuke-kun....

(back to Naruto and Sasuke's fight)

Naruto : Sasuke.... I spoke to Itachi once...
Sasuke :*looks shock* !!! (When did he.... )
Naruto : Itachi asked me why I showed so much interest in you, a traitor to Konoha. I told him that i am more of a brother to you than he had ever been, and that i would do whatever it takes to bring you home.* Looking down*
Sasuke : ..........
Naruto : Itachi asked me if I would always feel that way, even if you threatened Konoha. and i told him if that happened, I would bring you home and protect the village.*Smiling*
Sasuke : You think you got me right where you want me....well you are wrong.....!!!
*Activates Mangekyo Sharingan and then slowly Susano'o forms around him*
Sasuke : Lies.... all of this are lies...!!!! Never speak his name again...!!! my brother protected Konoha....!!! let them enjoy peace....!!! HE SUFFERED ALONE...!!! AND THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE IT RIGHT....IS TO DESTROY KONOHA...!!!!
Naruto : (I need more time)
Kakashi : Naruto...!!! get are no match for his Susano'o..!!!
Sasuke : Hahaha....glad you know that Kakashi....... ( I have to end this quick)
Naruto : *perform a hand seal* Kage bunshin no Jutsu....!!!
*Naruto makes a Kage Bunshinn and nodded to his clone.....he closes his eyes while his shadow clone puff away*
Sasuke : Like i told you Naruto.... kill me or i will kill you... Now die....!!!! *Susano'o shoots an arrow at Naruto and it creates an explosion on impact....
Sakura : *Tears in her eyes shouting* NARUTO....!!!!!!!! *gust of wind flew towards Sakura by the impact*
Kakashi : *Covering his eyes and maintaining his posture* Ughh!!! (Naruto....!!)
Sasuke : *Laugh like a maniac* Hahahahaha....!!!! now to get rid of the other pests...!!!
*As the smoke clears....*
Sakura : *Smiling with tears* Naruto........
Kakashi : Naruto...!!! are you alright...!!!
Sasuke : *Looks shock* How did he...??
*Naruto looks up and when he opened his eyes, he stares at Sasuke with Sage eyes*----this scene is suppose to be a cool Naruto scene....looooolz...

Sasuke : He is not hurt at all....!!! what is that chakra surrounding him?
Kakashi : (That is Nature chakra protecting Naruto...that was close....So you actually hid your Kage bunshinn somewhere to gather Nature Chakra and when you disperse your Kage bunshinn... it relays a message to your other Kage bunshiin to also disperse and you get in Sage mode....Nice one Naruto)

(Karin Scene)
Karin : *Looks shock* What is that chakra...? i have never felt anything like it before....

(Yamato's scence)
Yamato : Naruto....this have taken long enough.... We don't have time for this.... Senpai asked me to bring you back.
*Just as Yamato approached Naruto bunshinn.... the Bunshinn dispersed....*
Yamato : *He threw away the Futon and he saw the hole on the ground* Naaaruutooo...!! Senpai is going to kill me....!!

(Back to the fight scene)

Naruto : I never thought i would have to resort to Sage mode but you leave me with no choice Sasuke...!!!
Sasuke : (His eyes....his chakra...what is this...)
Naruto : Sasuke.....give up now....!!
Sasuke : Hahahaha.... Pathetic...!!!
Naruto : I have no choice then...!!
*Naruto charges at Susano'o at a speed Sasuke could not catch...*
Sasuke : (He is faster...)
*Naruto tries to break Susano'o using a series of frog kata but Susano'o seems unbreakable while Sasuke looking around trying to catch up with his speed*
Sakura : *Looking in awe* ( are stronger than Sasuke-kun...only you can save him)
Sasuke : You can't break into my absolute defence...
Naruto : You should have learned that there are no such thing as an absolute defence.....Kage bunshinn no jutsu*creates 2 kage bunshinn
Sasuke : *About to shoot another arrow when he stopped and looking at his hands.... Susano'o begins to weakened...* My this the real effect of overusing the Mangekyo
Sasuke : ( I can't see my hands)*looking at his blurry hands *
Naruto : SASUKE...!!!!!!
Sasuke : *Sasuke looks up and looks shocked* ( What is that?? )
*Naruto is high on top with both clones on his sides and on his hand is Fuuton : Rasenshuriken*
Naruto : *Shouting at Sasuke this time* Sasuke....when i become Hokage.... I promise that i will help you revive Uchiha just like I promise to change Hyuuga...!! I will save you....I will never go back on my words....Thats my Nindo...My Ninja way....!!!
*Naruto threw Fuuton : Rasenshuriken at Susano'o
Kakashi : Naruto...!! Sasuke..!!
Sakura : Naruto....!!!
Karin : Sasuke-kun...!!!

(Yamato's scene)
*Yamato from where he is standing saw a huge explosion*
Yamato : What is that.... I must get there quick...

The page ends with a big explosion.....

Whats going to happen next? Will Naruto able to save Sasuke?